Aon Battle-Axe

Name Type Knight Pri Sec Bard
Total Phys E B F I A E M E P R Notes
Aon Battle-Axe axe

Made from the precious black ore known as Aon, this
huge weapon is capable of doing massive amounts of
damage, but it is rather crudely crafted. Unlike the
fine Aon blades wielded by Ophidian generals, this
axe was intended for the lower caste warriors and is
therefore, not as well designed nor as dangerous.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon deals edged damage.
This weapon gains benefits from your two-handed axe weapon skill.
You must be level 17 to wield this weapon.
It looks heavy.

Unbreakable: no Fake: no Cursed: no
Unique: normal Enchanted: no No Drop: no
Binding: none World Drop: no No Remove: no

Exceptionally Balanced: no Damage Reduction: no
Non-Standard Damage Range: no
Two Handed: no Reflection: no Honed: no
Autoloading: no

Level Requirement:
This weapon does not need identification


Bard overall rating: A warrior would be proud to use this
Bard Special Attacks or Powers: no
Bard Value: This item is worth a fair penny!
Bard Lore:

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