3k Stat Calculator

Caesar created a fancy stat calculator which you can find here:


Known Bugs

Current bugs to fix:

‘Gloves’ for whatever reason displays everything. Almost all the column headers are clickable so you can at least click ‘Type’ to see gloves grouped together

‘Cloaks’ are missing from the menu, but you can find them here: http://3k.parimd.com/armours/cloaks/

‘Swords’ is broken, missing other weapon types

add additional hits
add damage special
add healing special

Why Hello There, Again!

This 3Kingdoms evaluation database is back in business! You will need to prove you are a human player of 3k to create an account but once you have approval you are welcome to make contributions! It’s as easy as filling out a web form!

All of Balthus’s information is still here from http://necro.wikidot.com

Balthus’s EQ database

Many, many thanks to Balthus for donating his data to the site, you rock!

Weapon and armour lists now up and running!

I present you with the (cough, very alpha cough) darling disaster weapon and armour database!

you’ll notice there is room for several guilds in the database, more are on the way! If you have an evaluation power and want to start keeping track of them let me know and I’ll add your guild to the database.

The primary goal of this database is to be a place where anyone that wants can submit armours they’d like to compare. When I have a little more data I’ll start putting together the relationships between the various guild evaluations.

If you’d like to contribute: create an account here, then shoot me a tell, mudmail, carrier pigeon, whatever ….

-Parisienne Fatale

P.S. some thinks could be funky over the next few days while I make some final tweaks, if something won’t load for a few minutes shoot me a tell! and … please forgive any weird display issues!

Hello world!

Hey everyone! Parisienne here, although I also go by Daftna. This is my space to share with you some of what I’ve learned about the great and venerable online game, Three Kingdoms. Primarily it will host my cross-guild evaluation database. Contact me either online or through here if you want to help!

-Parisienne Fatale, Necromancer